script to replace (midi device) - path in C9 /OSX 10.11.6?

I have a Roland XV-5080 connected to my system.

When I set the system for Cubase 8 under OSX 10.8.5 years ago, I used tha following path to replace a script to have the patch selection working in Cubase : replacing the Roland_xv-5080.txt file in Library/Preferences/Cubase8/Scripts/Patchnames.

However, as I just upgraded everything (now OSX 10.11.6 - fresh install - nothing remaining from old install…) and Cubase Pro 9 (also fresh install), I don’t find that same path to follow…

Where should I now drop that txt file ?




It’s ~Library/… So the “user Library”, which you open while hold down Opt modifier.

Super. Many thanks Martin.Jirsak for this. Much appreciated.