Scripting assignment of style to text

Hello all,

as far as I know, changing a paragraph style of a text is not possible to do with the built-in macro recorder. But could this be possible by learning lua?

When you have a lot of text items that needs to be changed it is a bit tedious to have to change them all manually…

I think that is one of the areas that are currently truly inaccessible with Lua. But just in case, could you describe what you need in a bit more detail?

Sure! I am working on a vocal score with stage directions put in as text items. They are all from an xml import, and hence Default text. I want to change them into a paragraph style I created, “Stage directions” so I have to open each one, click on the paragraph style drop-down and click the style.

Ideally one could select multiple text items and change them all in one go…

That’s what I was assuming. I’m sorry to say, but you are out of luck. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: