Scripting in Dorico

Dear Daniel,

In your interview session with Chamber Music magazine: The Mind Behind (Fall 2017 issue), you mention having to leave out scripting capabilities in Dorico’s first release due to time constraints. I was wondering if this is planned at some point in a future update.

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I second, I’m so eager to start playing with this.


Check this out:


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I’ve seen that posted a few times, but this only opens the door to a “macro” type of scripting, which is extremely limited.

I want to do things such as provide a pitch and a tone row (color & talea) and generate an isorhythmic product. Or generate a tintinnabuli (T-voice) within a specified T-chord for a given M-voice. Or rotate the pitch content of a selected musical passage within a given pitch-class set.

And so on…

Thanks for posting that interview, musicmaven - both Miller and Daniel have lots of really interesting things to say there! And yes, I can’t wait for scripting to be implemented, that could really be a game changer (but as Daniel says in the interview, scripting lies outside the “bell curve” of notation practices from the common practice period).

This is very promising. I use it only to change notehead using the shortcut (wich is way faster than mouse gesture) and I already find it valuable.
Looking forward full implementation!

I agree! It’s fun to play around with at the moment, and it can help to achieve some of the workarounds needed a bit quicker. I use it for faking tabulature and hiding rests in percussion staves at the moment.

Also very interested in this. Scripting capabilities in other programs leave much to be desired.