Scripting Language & Cubase

Is there a way to use a scripting language like Java script inside Cubase?
I’m looking for a DAW that permit communication between a scripting shell and all the software features: midi, audio, mixers, effects etc.
If you know Processing: ( processing . org )
it would be nice to add some code to the project that can interact with the software itself.
Many professional software likes Adobe AE and others use scripting language to manage a deeper level of manipulation.
I don’t own Cubase yet but reading the user manual it seems to have only a kind of logical editor that is too primitive and basic to have a real use, it really looks out of time.
Is it a feature that is planned to be added in a near future?


There is SDK (Steinberg Developer Kit) available.

You can discuss more details on the Steinberg > Developer forum.

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