Scripting to automate tedious tasks in Cubase 7.5

Hi there

I do a lot of voice over recording for a client who needs separate files output to match slides in presentations. A typical project might have four or five folders, with 20 tracks in each, all named specifically with the slide name, all of different lengths. All tracks will run out through a group where common processing is done, and through the stereo output bus. Once I’ve edited the tracks and want to mix out, all the tracks will be muted as I work on them one at a time, so then I open the mixdown dialogue and then I have to do the following for every track:

  1. Select track
  2. Unmute track
  3. Copy track name
  4. Select all parts on the track
  5. Set locators to selection length §
  6. Paste track name into mixdown dialogue
  7. Press export

Then wait, then do it again for the next 80 tracks. It takes a long time and it’s easy to mess up because its boring and your mind drifts and you miss a step (wrong track selected, wrong filename on clipboard, etc).

Does anyone know any way to automate this process as described?


(From the second iteration onwards you have to mute the track you just exported before you start again)