Scripting with Lua

Dear community and developers,
I’ve just switched to Dorico and couldn’t be happier to have done it!
I’m stunned by how powerful it is, and along with it I would really like to get into scripting some Lua. However, so far I couldn’t find any documentation about the Dorico definitions.
My first goal is to script a simple macro for auto-filtering the elements depending on the last clicked one. Could you suggest any solution to it?

Thank you in advance,

There is no documentation of the Lua Dorico setup, but you should be able to find various threads here in which folks offer advice based on their experience and experiments.

And welcome to the forum, @comogliogiuliano .

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Check posts by @Alexander_Ploetz.
He created a great tool for this.

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Currently, there is no mechanism for “reading” the status of a Dorico document, e.g. what is currently selected; what properties are set.