Scritping language for Cubase

It would be extremely helpful if Cubase had a scripting language, so that essential tasks could be fully automated.

I am an algorithmic composer. I compose music algorithmically and output the music to MIDI files. But to fully automate the process of rendering the audio, I need to be able to control Cubase programatically.

The most essential tasks would be to automate the following work-flow steps:

  1. Create a new Cubase project
  2. Load MIDI file into the project
  3. For each track in the MIDI file, associate the track with a rack instrument. For example, MIDI track 2 might be for flutes, track 3 for piano, track 4 for viola ensemble, et cetera.
  4. Perform mixdown to output MP3 file
  5. Save the Cubase project

I could, if necessary, provide an ASCII text file, maybe in XML format, containing configuration information such as names of input and output files, what rack instrument is intended for each MIDI track, et cetera, so the scripting language could read my config file and execute the automation.

I am aware Cubase has some keystroke macros, but what I need to do seems to be beyond the capabilities of the Cubase keystroke macros.

Yes, I totally agree.