Scroll from top not bottom + List Edit issues


This is occuring ing the Project page as well as in all of the editors.

Not very helpful in particular for the List Editor to start at the end of a part when you want to enter MSB/LSB, program changes and so on but is also annoying in the Drum Editor when you have your Drum Map laid out from top to bottom and it opens in the middle of the page.

This is also happening in the Key Editor and has never occured in previous versions.

Also the ability to change the output MIDI channel for each note regardles of what it is currently set to, at once, would be great.

A bug perhaps but I find when I am changing the position of program changes in the List Editor, they don’t immediately move and I must reopen the editor for the events to be in their designated place in the list.

EDIT: working now :slight_smile: with the latest update, thanks SB

The MIDI channel is editable in the list editor, just as in the other editors. Hold down ctrl to make the change apply to multiple selections.

Here, the editor opens to the beginning of the part, or to the most recent view.

I cannot reproduce the delay in moving program changes or any other event.

These are not feature requests, they’re more tutorial questions, so I’ll move this to Cubase 9 General.

This does not work for me and has never on Windows at least. It only changes the last selected event unless the events are already using the same MIDI channel.

It’s really not possible to know what you are describing, as you give no details, and you don’t include any info about your setup. I tried selecting notes in the list editor with a variety of different channel assignments, and everything worked normally.

If I select all events and try to change them to be the same MIDI channel, only the focussed event actually changes:

I guess I should ask again if you are holding down the modifier key for ‘All Events Same Value’ (which defaults to ctrl.)

Yes, however the events need to already have the same MIDI channel in order to be changed.

As I said, it works here in Cubase 9.0.10. See above.

You should contact support to figure out why it’s not working for you, if that is actually the case.

Would be nice to see a short video of this because it’s never worked for me, not on any version of Cubase.

If I Select All events, where they have different MIDI output channels for each event only the last selected event will change, that is where a MIDI channel number is entered.

I would suggest you post one of what you’re doing, and include what modifier key you use.

Video capture:

Works here and no one else has confirmed. Gotta be user error or setup problem.

Hi Steve,

The behavior is inconsistent, e.g. sometimes it loads in the middle, i.e. Drum Editor but all other times it loads from the bottom.

I can easily confirm this with a video screen capture if necessary.