Scroll lock for faders

I find that I often inadvertently get the faders to scroll left/right when I’m reaching for a button on the channel. It’s pretty touchy, so I have to be very careful when I press the screen.

Other remote solutions use left/right bank buttons to prevent this from happening. I do like the scroll concept - perhaps a “lock channel position” button?

I would like this too!

Short further rant follows in hope it convinces someone to consider this in a potential update : )

Scroll Lock for the Faders.

This drives me completely insane. Even when I only have a setup in which all the faders I need are visible on one page, the mixer scrolls left/right upon touching unless you are very accurate.
This makes mixing and adjusting levels infuriating at times.
A lock button would make all the difference or at least disable the scrolling when all the channels in use are visible on a single page please!
Thanks for you consideration.

maybe on the next update then…?

+1 for scroll lock