Scroll project/editor cursor at display refresh rate (60 fps) without framerate cap

I noticed that in a light project without slowdown, the framerate of the project and key editor is capped at about 30 frames per second. In Page Scroll mode the moving cursor is quite stuttery, and in Stationary Cursor mode it is hard to look at the scrolling view because of this.

My suggestion is to add an option to refresh the cursor at the monitor’s native refresh rate. This will make a huge difference in how fast Cubase is perceived as. I thought my computer struggled with even a simple project, but the framerate is so consistent that I realized a maximum framerate was set all along. This would leave a bad impression on new users, making it seem like Cubase is struggling from the get-go.

It’s important for it not to take priority over important parts like mixer meters. If it is a problem for someone’s setup, “Smooth scrolling” can be turned off.

I’d love to see how smooth my processor can make this DAW.

Stationary Cursor mode is a nice feature, but it’s pretty hard to look at with the framerate cap: