Scroll speed in midi editor for off window selections


Sorry for the confusing headline.
When I select a group of notes in the midi editor and wants to select som notes off screen I just drag the mouse off screen, and the window will scroll to bring those events/notes in view, but why is it so SLOW?
In Logic you can accelerate the speed by moving the mouse further off the window edge.
Is that possible in Cubase 7.5.1? (Mac)

Aloha M
and good question.

For me moving selected events close(r) to the edge of the window does make scrolling faster
only only up to a certain point.

My only PITA work-a-round is to
1-unselect MIDI events
2-zoom out the window
3-re-select MIDI events
and then scrolling happens faster.

And BTW in ‘Preferences’ there is that feature/option called:
‘Wind Speed Options’.
This DOES help me when rewinding or fast forwarding
but does not seem to help in the scenario you mentioned.

Could this be a video card issue?
As in; ‘the better the card the faster the scrolling’?

Perhaps someone will chime in.