Scroll to All Selected Channels in MixConsole

Hi, I have “Scroll to Selected Channel” checked in my MixConsole, but when I select tracks in the project window often only the first selected track is shown on the far right or left of the mixer, and I still have to scroll manually to see all the tracks. Hiding the left and right zones doesn’t fix it. Is there another setting I need to adjust to be able to always see all selected tracks in the mixer without having to manually scroll? Thanks!


It’s working this way by design.

If you have multiple objects selected, the top-left is always taken as the “main” one, where the “anchor” is. So in your case, Cubase shows the most left track.

And why it doesn’t scroll more? Because once you select a track, Cubase tries to scroll as less as possible to avoid a chaotic scrolling here and there in general.

Thanks Martin. I can understand trying to minimize chaotic scrolling, but I’m not sure why anyone would not want to see all their selected channels! I think this behavior could be improved — personally I’d love to have an option where the first selected channel is always pinned to the left of the mixer. Kind regards

Hi Elessar,

Sometimes you are lucky and all the selected tracks are visible in the console.
But when not, you may find yourself in a situation where you are not interested in seeing other tracks.
On the top of the console window you should find something that (to me) looks like an opened envelope: Channel Visibility Agents
Click on it and one of the options is: Show Only Selected Channels
Use that (or assign a key command to it).
Result: All your selected tracks are now visible as selected channels, and probably on the same screen. If you find that you still miss one track, you can just select that one (with Ctrl Click) on the event screen and do the trick again.

IMPORTANT: If you use a key command, be sure to have the console window in focus. Otherwise the command will work on the main event screen!

To return to normal: Alt key + Left click on the envelope.

NOTE: This is also possible in the lower window mixer, but without the envelope you need the key command. You would the also need a key command to return to normal.


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Thanks for the tip. I use the visibility agents, but this is a good reminder to use them more in the mixer.