Scroll Wheel direction behaviour / Cubase 11.0.10

I simply want to be able to zoom in and out vertically using the Magic Mouse and a key. Currently it only allows me to do this horizontally. I’m not sure why


I’m also waiting for this… instead of just hitting the increase vertical size key… the faster solution (which already happens with horizontal scale) is have a key combo for vertical and horizontal


agree, please add an option to invert zoom direction, you can’t ask people to invert direction for the whole operating system just to make cubase go back to what it’s always been. And vertical zooming would be really welcome too. I do appreciate how finally smooth zoom is right now on mac though!


That was the goal: Making the zoom smoother. Unfortunately this created the issue with the inverted zoom direction.

I completely agree that just changing the way the mouse wheel scroll works in an update and not being able to change it back completely messes up mine and many others workflow. I dont want to change the settings of my scrolling in Mac OS because I’ve been using these settings for years… Can you please either change it back or, like many others have mentioned, give us an option to change the way of scrolling in the settings? Just doesn’t make sense to change the scrolling behavior out of the blue without mentioning this in the release notes or giving us an option to change it back. Is there a way I can download V11.0 again so I can get it back to what I’m used to? Thanks!


The inverted Zoom direction is killing me. I really need it to be the way it was before the update 10.0.10


This has also completely thrown me… come on Steinberg, fix it, it’s back to front and makes no sense, it should be the same way it moves when you hover the mouse over the scroll zoom bar and turn it!! I do love the smoothness of it now though :wink:

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This didn’t work for me, nothing changed…

edit- actually it’s because I had to change the setting in my Logitech software, but it changes the direction of everything… I just want the zoom direction changed.

Glad I’m not the only one! This issue post-update has driven me & my muscle memory nuts!


Hello, I just updated Cubase 11 Pro to the newest patched version, and can someone tell me if I am going crazy or the Scroll Up/Down to Zoom In/Out are swapped around now? Please tell me there is a way to change it back! I built it into my muscle memory over 8 years of using Cubase. I am having a hard time navigating through the session… I don’t want to change my scroll direction in preferences as it will be unnatural for me for every other program or site that I use.


This ‘Smart Scroll’ program fixes the issue but it effects everything when it’s running, i.e. makes the scrolling slower on every other program despite it only being setup to work in Cubase… Also it has erratic behaviour, like sometimes it will scroll loads when I’m not even touching the mouse!! Could be because my mouse is a Logitech mouse that has it’s own software, the two maybe conflicting…

Really hope this directional thing is fixed in the next update!! I really appreciate the improved smoothness though, it was a long time annoyance for me, before the scrolling was awful, the increments were too large and I kept losing my place in my projects. For me this reversed direction is the only issue I’m having with Cubase 11, so again, I really hope it gets fixed. Thank you Steinberg for everything else :wink:

Matthias save us!!! :weary::sob::joy:


This will be fixed with the 11.0.20 Update.


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Guys, please do a hot fix for it!!! We’ll have to wait for eternity before “20” update will be released (((( it’s a total mess!

Thank you for fixing this!!!

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Thanks for the fix!

Thanks for fixing it!

I want this feature so bad especially coming from other DAWs I still find myself attempting to do this in Cubase. I would love for them to make this feature at use with the scroll wheel. It’s a much better workflow.

sorry I might repeating what others already told, but I updated from Cubase 6 to Cubase 10.5 and I’ve been using Cubase since forever, the zoom in / out behaviour (command + 2 fingers up or down on my trackpad) is inverted, I’ve been trying to use it like that since the 10.5 release but obviously, since I’ve been using that command for about 10 years my brain can’t reverse the way it worked even if I tried, is it possible to fix it without having to buy a new update? thanks