scroll wheel in mix control

Just updated to 7 no real problems, BUT a big annoyance I found when when using the scroll wheel up/down on the mouse in mix control, when the EQ is showing alters the EQ when you scroll over it. I have to move the pointer to the side to get over this problem.

Are you saying that as you scroll in the mixer, as you scroll past the EQ the EQ gets altered?

If so I cannot reproduce it

I think what he means is when the cursor is over an eq parameter (same behavior with pan) and scrolling the mouse wheel, it changes the parameter instead of scrolling in the mixer view.

I admit that it’s quite annoying…

Sorry explanation a bit vague, yes when the EQ is showing as you move the cursor to scroll through the rack with the wheel it adjusts the Eq

Hmm… The panning gets changed like that, but the EQs seem to be unaffected. Maybe a PC thing? I’m on mac.

I am on PC (should really update profile)
Not at my cubase PC at the moment but I think my mouse has a switch on the wheel which could be the problem will check it tomorrow

I am constantly clicking the scroll wheel. I should disable the click-ability, but I keep telling myself I can have a light enough touch. Not so. :unamused:

I don´t think it has to do with the switch of the mousewheel. I don´t think, it´s PC only.
It happens when you have a break between to mouse wheel movements longer than a certain time span, and during this “break” you rest on an activated EQ parameter. And it´s the same for the strip parameter knobs also. Annoying…

having just finished a session I have to say that the implementation of the scroll wheel is more of a hindrance than any help. I thought it was just the EQ that had the problem now I find that any window that is active and the pointer stops on it is highlighted when moving away using the scroll wheel it adjust the settings of that window this includes the gates and compressor virtual pots.
I tried using the scroll bar on the left hand side but when I have 20 channels showing my eyes then have to look at the bottom of the screen to the track name to make sure that I arrive back at the same track that I was editing. This is definately slowing my workflow down.
I would like to see an option to be able to click on an active box before editing

I did notice tis when I first started using it but have altered my workflow to actually make sure I don’t use the scroll while over a feature…

Kindofa PITA and it should be a preference.
OTN, I did see a scroll preference somewhere but not too sure if it was for that…