Scroll Wheel Speed??? Can anyone confirm or deny this?

So when I use the scroll wheel to move up/down in the track list it jumps 4-5 tracks no matter what the zoom level is.

Is this happening to any one else?


I’m not sure, what exactly do you mean? What line? If I’m scrolling up/down in the Project window, it “jups” one tracks, or less. It depends on zoom. In the Mixer Window, if I scroll left/right, it “jumps” to one next track Narrow displaying, and around 1/2 or 1/3 track in the Wide displaying.

Can you be more specific, please?

Traditionally, scroll wheels did not have endless resolution, but where stepped. To map it to something relevant on a computer the stepping was translated into number of scrolled (text)lines since that made sense when browsing the web, editing text etc.

Since C6(?) track heights are no longer free but restricted to a number of steps, so the lines thinking could well be translated into these steps to satisfy OP.
I would also like it if Steinberg could provide better support for touch devices. Just recently bought a touch mouse that works beautifully inside Wavelab but is horrible to use in Cubase, no smooth scrolling or side panning.


OK. So here’s the problem:

When I use Reaper, no matter how wide (tall) or narrow I make the tracks, when I scroll up or down in the track list it always moves one track up/down per wheel click. E.G.Track 5 is at the top border of the track list, I scroll one click up, now track 6 is at the top of the track list. One track per “scroll click” (indent, or whatever you want to call it).

In Cubase 6 I can make the tracks a certain height (like 5 or 6 spaces wide/tall) and then they scroll one track per wheel click. This makes them way to wide to be useful and you can only get 5 or 6 tracks in the track list view. If I set the size of the tracks to, say 2 or 3 lines wide (as most of us probably do) it still scrolls the same distance up/down. Which means if I’m editing a track at the bottom and then move the scroll wheel 1 click down, the tracks jump 4 or 5 tracks up. Now, I have to search for the track I was scrolling to instead of it just being the next track at the bottom of the list.

I’ve tried 2 different mice and they both do the same thing. In IE, Firefox, Word, Excel, notepad they all scroll 1 line per scroll click.

Can any of the mods let me know if there is something I’m missing?

I’ll try to post a video tonight of this behavior to further explain.

Is anyone else having this problem?

How do scroll wheels work on other peoples systems?

I’m very curious to find out if this is just me or others have this problem.

OK. I took a video of this behavior to see if anyone else is having this problem. It’s happening on Cubase 4, Cubase 6.5, with 4 different mice and 3 different computers.


So I have tried this on 2 laptops (1 with XP SP3) and 2 PCs. 5 different mice, Cubase 4 (32 and 64 bit), Cubase 6.5 (32 and 64 bit) and the trackpad on my laptop. Every setting in the mouse settings. Every single time it’s the same behavior. This is truly mind boggling since both a yamaha tech and above poster on the Cubase forum have stated that 1 wheel click moves the track list down 1 track.

Please someone chime in here and let me know if your getting this behavior. Or, if you’re NOT getting this behavior… :slight_smile:

171 views and no one has said whether they are experiencing this or not.

And we complain that the mods don’t listen…

Fraid not. Nothing showstoppy about the wheels here.
I’m sure Reaper’s is better though. :mrgreen:

Do we complain more when the mods do listen?

So you get 1 track per mouse click no matter where you scroll?

Is it dependent on zoom or is it 1 track per regardless?

For the record, I love Cubase and will probably never switch. I like Reaper for some quick editing tasks but CB is still my fav after 11 years. :slight_smile:

This is not correct. If you uncheck “snap tracks heights” in the Vertical zoom menu you can size them freely.

Happy sizing :slight_smile:

What a community…

230+ views and no one cares to confirm or deny this?

Mind boggling :laughing:

Thanks for the tip, missed that one! I’ll stick with the snapped heights though, I find them convenient.


There are issues moving up/down the tracklist more generally even using arrow keys, at times some are skipped and if a hardware remote is instanced (shown by vertical white lines on a track) often some tracks, ie MIDI won’t be traversed at all.

All in all it has improved over time, in that when you are at the top, arrow down will now not always go to the first audio or vst track in the list.

Thanks for the reply.

Can you confirm that if you use the scroll wheel in the track list (put the mouse cursor over the tracks or in the window where the clips and events are) when you scroll 1 mouse wheel click it moves 1 track up/down per click or does it jump a defined distance.

If I set the tracks to “Zoom tracks 2 rows” it scroll 3-4 tracks per wheel click.


I don’t have a scroll wheel, but I think the problem is not defined to anyone HID, but rather it is an issue of how Cubase orders things internally that is built up over time even though tracks have subsequently moved.

The only way I have found to fix the problem on a project by project basis is by creating new projects, copying, importing etc as it seems to define a new order for those “objects” if that makes any sense.


My scrollwheel is continuous so it’s a bit hard to say really. I use a trackball that has a scrollring rather than a wheel. In my experience it scrolls continuously too.

I just tried what you ask and NO mine does not behave that way.
On mine, it varies depending on the track magnification.
If I make the tracks large (so there are only, say, 3 tracks on the screen), it scrolls a fraction of a track. If I make the tracks thin (say 15 tracks on screen) it scrolls 3 tracks at a time.

Preferences/ Transport/ Wind speed options ???

If I make the tracks really thin it scrolls about 8-9 tracks at a time.

This is strange behavior as the Yamaha/Stenberg guy says his scrolls 1 track per scroll click…

Weird… The rep says it scrolls one track per click, regardless of the zoom. So apparently it is functioning differently on different systems.