Scrollable Secondary toolbar

Hi Lars,

The second toolbar on the top has the Undo placed right under the transport bar above it and we keep hitting Undo sometimes inadvertently. Please make the secondary toolbar scrollable horizontally so we can scroll it away. A scrolling toolbar also accommodates more toolbar icons in it for more actions. Please see the scrolling toolbar in the Messages app.


Hi Shekar,

Thanks for your message.
For now there are now plans for a scrollable toolbar, but there might be the chance that we slightly re-arrange the sub tools in a future version release.

Best wishes,

No problem.

I thought it would be kinda COOL to be able to “scroll” the toolbar around, LOL :slight_smile:

Or you could bring back the ability to collapse the secondary toolbar - like how it used to be in older version - so we can hide it when not needed and gain more vertical room