Scrollbar and mute/solo suggestion

Merry Christmas!

Mac OS Sonoma, Cubase 13.0.20, you see that scrollbar, the way it covers the bypass buttons?

And… why not have the channel mute and solo button on actual inserts? Like, right next to the R and W buttons? I’m on a tiny laptop at the moment.


The scroll-bar disappears.

This is a feature-request.

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After a second, IF you move your mouse away from the scrollbar and the bypass button that you are trying to click.

Do you know since when? This is not something I’ve ever noticed until recently. Perhaps others feel the same way? It’s odd to me that this would be a new request. Were the mute and solo buttons there in a previous version of Cubase?


Sorry, I’m not with Cubase at this moment… The Solo and Mute buttons were there in previous Cubase versions?

I don’t know. It just seems like they would have been, doesn’t it?

Anyway, what’s important is that it’s a known request. Thanks.

In an insert’s window? Not in the versions I know of.

If we’re talking about the window of an insert effect it would easily mislead the user into thinking that it would do some weird solo/mute of the insert effect, but sure, it can be a feature request.

Whenever I use my small MAC here, and don’t have access to a midi remote (rarely), I always use the S and M keyboard shortcuts for solo and mute of the currently selected track.

Merry Christmas!


Thanks. The S and M buttons are an excellent choice.

…which makes me realize the main reason I’m seeing this now. When looking at the MixConsole, I often select inserts that are on channels that aren’t the currently selected channel. So I can’t just hit the S or M button on my keyboard. I have to go back to the MixConsole, find the channel the insert is on, then use my mouse to click S or M on the MixConsole. When using a bigger screen, it’s easy to find the channel I’m working on underneath, even if it isn’t currently selected. If it’s “bass”, I find bass, or the color of the track, etc.

That, however, is difficult to do on a 13" MacBook Screen.

Thanks to you both for piping in. Happy New Year!

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I live using the Key Commands in general. It speeds the workflow up significantly.

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Maybe there is a way to build a macro that finds the channel the insert is on, and solos it? That might be more complex than I imagine though.