Scrollbar sizes

Hey Guys,

Demoing C10, loving most of it, but have a major niggle…

The scrollbars…could we have them smaller please? I’m pondering a pixel perhaps, or if at all possible perhaps a couple of subpixels?

I’m still managing to grab them with much effort despite their 3 pixel height on my 4k monitor - obviously a design flaw, so decreasing the size to a pixel or less should ensure I’ll never be able to click them… :unamused:

sarcasm off

Either make it a preference, or something…but I for one would love to have bigger scrollbars…they seem to get smaller on every iteration and even though they look aesthetically pleasing, they’re so small that they are too easy to miss and pick up.
You could even make them semi transparent if it’s such an eye sore…but I would like to be able to click them without having to try too hard:)


Just search around for “Skinny Scrollbars Stink”. This has been, hands down, the most hated change (along with that purple loop thingee when you click on the ruler) since Cubase 9.

I don’t mind the purple loop at all…but the scrollbars…grrrrr!:slight_smile:

+1 for fatter scrollbars. Also, if problem was having more screen real estate, they could autohide like they do for e.g. in the Windows 10 “Settings” window.

+1 or send a magnifying glass to everyone

The scrollbars are just one of a random list of things that weren’t broke, but recently got “fixed”. The non-resizable right-click toolbox and the single-line floating transport bar (F2) are two more infuriating examples. Either there is no more beta-testing happening, or the beta-testers have never used Cubase before.

I can’t stress how much this affects me, specially on the mixer window, the countless times I have launched random programs on the windows taskbar while trying to scroll…otherwise, it’s just a few tries until i get to scroll…not so bad…
Please make it a preference!


Well it’s 2 years later and still no change on the scrollbars. Here’s a couple of ideas,

  1. Make it a keystroke that enlarges the scroll bar in the active window so you can easily grab it with a mouse.

  2. let us at least be able to colourize them in the preferences so that they stand out from the rest of the page.
    We’ve been asking for this change for years but nothing will be done until enough people get on their case. So it looks like we’re stuck with them, or are we? …

I’ve just added my vote for fattest scrollbars. Sorry I don’t like bouncingbilly’s ideas particularly: I just need them (the scrollbars that is…) fattest.

Agreed. Skinny scroll bars were only needed when screen real estate was tight like on the old 4:3 ratio monitors. I think most people use wide monitors now so it should not be an issue.

While we’re at it, make the Visible pane width adjustable!!! It think it was like that in the first free Cubase version that came with my Motif ES7. I believe that was Cubase SE or Cubase AI?

Steinberg, are you listening???