Scrolling bar on Windows


congratulations for the new release. I am very happy with the new features, some will really be powerful in many working situations. But…
I might be tired…
I cannot find the scrolling bar on my Windows machine…

I am sure I am missing something stupid, I cannot find it on the other (Mac) machine neither :slight_smile:
Can you help me?

The problem is I am using a trackball on the Windows machine, so I cannot wheel-scroll with that mouse.


There aren’t any scroll bars at the moment, so you’re not missing anything. However, do you find you can click and drag left/right on a part of the Mixer background?

Yes, I got it!
Click and drag up and down, too. Works fine to me.


It’s a bit problematic though when I am in the mixer panel or the lower lanel, because when I scroll left and right I also touch and accidentally move the fader positions.

It would be nice if z and x could work in the mixer, too, narrowing or widening the width of the channel strips. That would be similar to g and h in Cubase.

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