scrolling bug with lyrics and 2 voices

When I have two voices and both have their own lyrics then it is impossible to use the arrow key in order to go from one stave into the next one. It stops at last lyric syllable of the lower voice. And hitting the right arrow key doesn’t do anything then.

Im Galley view I have experienced an even stranger effect of jumping back when scrolling with the right arrow key from lyric to lyric of the lower voice when reaching the last but one bar.

Scrolling with the arrow key when lyrics are in the score has often strange effects of jumping backwards.

I can’t reproduce the problem you describe, René. When I use the down arrow to move from the notes in the staff to the lyrics, I can move from the lyric in line one to the lyric in line 2 and then to the staff below with no problem. Can you attach a project (in a zip file) that demonstrates the problem, together with specific steps to reproduce the problem, and perhaps also a screenshot so we can see exactly what you are looking at when you start using the arrow keys?

Hi Daniel,

Here is a file with instructions in order to reproduce what I described.
On one part the scrolling stops and doesn’t go any farther and on the other part you will find the jumping.

Hope it helps.
Lyrics stop and (426 KB)

Thanks for giving me a reproducible case. I will log this with the developers. In the meantime, if you navigate to the bass staff, you can then move right to the next page from there.