Scrolling horizontally Dorico iPad

Good morning,
Is there an option to change pages display? Horizontally to vertical and vice versa?
Thank you.

If you want landscape style pages, you should create a layout for that purpose. The layout function in Dorico is very flexible and valuable in a variety of ways.

Did you have a specific size/use for this? Given more info we could offer more help.

Dorico for iPad doesn’t currently provide any way of changing the page arrangement in the way that the desktop version does, but it’s something we may add to the View Options dialog in future.

Hi Derek,
Thank you for your reply.
The option “portrait or landscape” is not the issue.
Some project the page are displayed vertically, so I to scroll down and up. For some other project the pages are displayed horizontally, so I scroll right and left regardless of “portrait- landscape “.
So is possible to switch between those two options?
Thank you.

Sorry just seen your reply.
Thank you.