Scrolling in Cubase sequencer/arrange page (Video)

It’s too fast and choppy.

We need a seamless scrolling performance when using the mouse wheel/Magic Mouse surface, not choppy that skips track-by-track. This is a huge focus and concentration killer because you have to reset your eyes and find your focus and regain your concentration.

But scroll smoothly like when you use the scroll bar to the right of the arrange page. I don’t understand why the scroll wheel/Mouse surface/track pad can’t do the same.

And it makes it worse that it scrolls so fast as well - it scrolls faster than what you have set your OS to perform at on other pages (web, docs) so you end up scrolling back up because you realize you have gone past the track you were looking for. Creativity killer right there.

(This is the same for the horizontal scroll in the mixer.)


LOGIC: (the way it should be)

Absolutely would be wonderful if scrolling was configurable.

+1000 !