Scrolling in Mixer modifies values


So annoying! :cry:

Is there even anybody who acually use this feature and change parameters with the mouse scroll?


I have a large template and this happens quite often. I will change the parameter on a track that is currently not in use. I don’t even notice the parameter change, half the time, until the track gets utilized later in my sessions.

The rack area is like mined ground and the side scroll bar is too thin…
+1 obviously for mixer undo, even inside plugins theres undo for values


@djstyleee I feel your pain. Navigation in the mixer is uncomfortable at best, because of this scrolling thing. SPECIALLY on small laptop monitors. Thats why I came up with these 7 alternate methods for horizontal scrolling:

  1. Get the mouse cursor over the track names. In this area, horizontal scrolling DOES work with the mouse wheel.
  2. The left/right arrows also work for this kind of scrolling. Not ideal, but better than risking any parameters moving unintended. There’s a whole section on the manual on how to operate the mix console with the keyboard.
  3. Go to “setup window layout” (the button on the top left corner of the toolbar), activate “Channel Overview”. You can scroll horizontally here by click/dragging.
  4. My personal favorite. Activate “Sync Mix Console and Project” (button to the right of the Visibility panel’s title). Have the project window open while mixing. To scroll to a track, just select it on the project window. Voilá. No scrolling required within the mix console.
  5. Use agents to filter through and find the tracks you need.
  6. Create visibility configurations to work like the “mixer pages” of a digital mixer. You can even assign key commands to the 8 configurations, so you can quickly go to any combination of channels that you want.
  7. Use Mix Consoles 2 and 3 to layout all your mix channels, so you don´t have to do any scrolling, just swap between mixers by laying them on different desktops (this works BEAUTIFULLY over multiple monitors too)

It does work beautifully.

Except there is no way to focus any mix console unless you close it and open it. This is an area where Steinberg needs to up their game for users with multiple monitors.

This needs to be fixed.

+1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1!!!


+1. This scrolling behavior feature needs to be configurable. Almost 2019 now, on Cubase 10 and still waiting on this. Steinberg please…

This is STILL an issue for me. Steinberg, hello??? Anybody home? Seriously.

YES, and YES and YES! Just make it so you have to CLICK on a parameter FIRST before you can change it! Or at least if using a modifier?


I also would like to be able to change the direction of my scroll wheel. For instance in pan I would like left to be down on my scroll wheel and up to be right.
I also would like to be able to adjust the scroll bar sizes in the inspector.

Xmouse utility (free) (windows only) allows reconfig of mouse motions PER application

This is the main reason I don’t use the channel strip rack at all. Vertical scrolling on it with the mouse wheel is an utter minefield.

Please Steinberg fix this. Or at least make it a preference. Let us choose if we want to click before modifying parameters in the mixer.

Many thanks to hesca116 for all 7 of your super suggestions/solutions! Such a fantastic help even 4 years on!

long time request… +1 +1 +1

I am currently an elements user and even I find this annoying. This has got to be very simple to implement.

Hi you, I agree with the OP that the behaviour of the mixer in conjunction with MouseWheel has to be repaired.
I seem to remember a workaround for the broken mixer focus thing… I may be wrong, but maybe it is worth trying: By creating a macro that first focusses the project window (a command exists for that) and then triggering the mixer command might work (without the side effect of the mixer closing).
BR, Ernst


In Cubase 11, one of the least and most simple appreciated improvements in my opinion, was a change in mix console focus. If some or all mix consoles 1, 2, or 3, are open, as they normally are in my studio, you just need a KC to press for focus on that particular mix console. Or mouse to the command studio>mix console

The old behavior was press the KC and it would vanish, then press the KC again to re-appear to obtain focus.

If you aren’t using C11 I think your suggestion may work. On C11, I created this macro and it achieves the same as just pressing the studio>mix console command.

Im I missing anything here?

And to rant on, while this is fixed and working great, I think the next focus issues should be in the left/right/lower zones, focusing tabs etc. Also the entire Key Command window is ancient and there needs to be a solution so the user knows what key commands apply to which focused windows. The key command search thing is ancient. Of course all this can be achieved. But follow the money…prosumers are in control…this stuff isn’t flashy…little new sales generated…blah blah blah

Maybe someday…