Scrolling in play mode

Hi there,

I am experiencing odd scroll behaviour in Play mode. Scrolling to the right, as well as up an down works as expected, but scrolling to the left is way more faster than the other directions. I recorded a video to show you what I mean:

Is this a bug or what could cause this issue? (I have no flaws with scrolling in other applications and I also did restart Dorico)

Best wishes!

I find the same to be true, but I don’t find it particularly problematic. I suspect there’s something about the underlying table control we’re using that causes it to scroll in this way.

Hi Daniel, thanks for your feedback!
It’s not too problematic when zoomed out, but it get’s pretty annoying when working on higher zoom levels which I regularly use to adjust playback note lengths. On repetitive passages, it’s hard to find the note I was working on, after it accidentally flew out of sight.

I find that I’m able to control the scrolling provided I’m conscious of not whizzing my fingers across the trackpad.

Hi Daniel,

I just recorded another video to demonstrate how it looks like on a high zoom level

As you can see, my fingers move slowly and steadily across the touchpad. When scrolling to the left, Dorico scrolls as slowly as I would expect for about a second, and then it suddenly speeds up uncontrollably. I think it’s worth checking what could cause this problem…