Scrolling in the mixer: Will a faster Grafic Card help?

One of the things which are bugging me quite a lot in the new Mixing Console (compared to Nuendo 5x and Cubase 6x Mixer) is, that it feels quite sluggish to scroll in it… For example you have 200 tracks in the mixer, mixer stretched over 3 screens - then you scroll from drums at channel 1-30 to some FX stuff at 180… SLOOOOOOOOOWWW…

In older versions it was fast.

If I open the task manager I can see a significant CPU consumption when doing that.

I am using am NVIDIA Quadro NVS 450 with 4 screens attached. Not a cheep card but not made for fastest grafix stuff I would guess… With my new system it would be no problem to install 2 fast PCIe Grafic Cards… Noise is not an issue because the Computer is in another room.

I know that some plugins are using the GPU for their GUI (Fabfilter) - is Cubase/Nuendo doing this as well? It seems to me that scrolling and stuff is handled by the CPU only…

Well if scrolling shows a CPU load then it’s not handles by the GPU so that wouldn’t change a thing. No idea if that’s actually true but that would be my reasoning.