Scrolling issue...

Apple’s track pad is set to have 2 fingers scroll and 3 fingers hold and move stuff around. e.g. (moving folders, windows, knobs, faders etc.) but in Cubase Pro 8… 2 fingers scroll and move stuff and also 3 fingers move stuff, so its really frustrating when your project looks like the one in my uploaded photo and you’re trying to just scroll with 2 fingers in the mixer (as it should)… but it keeps moving knobs and faders, and there is no undo for that so think about having the perfect mix but every time you try to scroll you move knobs and faders by accident and you now have to try remembering where you had it set to. I would love to use the “Strip” feature in the mixer window but I don’t because of this.

It would be nice if 2 fingers scroll and 3 fingers move stuff instead of both, that way no matter what the cursor is over if you just use 2 fingers it knows you want to scroll and if you use 3 fingers it know to move whatever knob or fader the cursor is over, making Cubase that much more intuitive and fun to use.

Thanks a bunch in advance.
Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.43.10 PM.png