Scrolling issues with Apple trackpad

I noticed some weird behavior with Apple trackpad on Dorico 4:

Guitar fretboard and piano keyboard
Accidentally scrolling with an Apple trackpad in the guitar fretboard or piano keyboard „scrolls“ through the pitches and add notes “randomly”.

Text entry
In any text/number entry field like in „Edit Strings and Tuning“ → „Transposition interval for staff notation“ if you select the field and scroll with the cursor inside the field, the values change rapidly. Especially in the Layout, Engraving and Notation options this can lead to unexpected value changes because it also scrolls the view.

In general it shouldn’t be the case that the mouse wheel scrolls in spin boxes; this is generally disabled – certainly it is in the “big” Options dialogs. But I will take a look at the spin box in the Edit Strings and Tunings dialog and check that one’s settings.

I have found the same in both D3.5 and D4: With the blinking cursor in a spin box, the value changes very fast with 2-finger trackpad scrolling. This is especially noticeable in the big dialogs with lots of fields. I must be careful to move the cursor away from the field I have clicked in order to scroll, or I’ll have to discard my changes.

Just reporting the facts; no pressure! Thank you for your attention, Daniel.