Scrolling not possible with Trackpad on Magic Keyboard for iPad Pros

Hey there,

So Magic Keyboard with Trackpad has been out for a year now and it basically is attached to my iPad Pro at all times. All native ScrollViews inherit scrolling with it by default, but in Cubasis 3 I can‘t scroll with it. Why is that? I can‘t image it is such a hard problem to solve, given that pinch to zoom already works. It really holds me back using Cubasis 3 atm because even with latest 3.3 it boots up, I try navigating a song and close again since it is not possible. I think this is an awesome app and I would really love to use it more often - any chance this will be fixed soon?

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Hi @sphrd,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum!
Your feature requests has bee shared with the team.


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Same, here. I keep watching for updates for a few apps I use that are missing trackpad support. Cubasis would rock even more if I didn’t have to reach up and block my view with my finger/hand when doing simple scrolling.