Scrolling not possible with Trackpad on Magic Keyboard for iPad Pros

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So Magic Keyboard with Trackpad has been out for a year now and it basically is attached to my iPad Pro at all times. All native ScrollViews inherit scrolling with it by default, but in Cubasis 3 I can‘t scroll with it. Why is that? I can‘t image it is such a hard problem to solve, given that pinch to zoom already works. It really holds me back using Cubasis 3 atm because even with latest 3.3 it boots up, I try navigating a song and close again since it is not possible. I think this is an awesome app and I would really love to use it more often - any chance this will be fixed soon?

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Hi @sphrd,

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum!
Your feature requests has bee shared with the team.


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Same, here. I keep watching for updates for a few apps I use that are missing trackpad support. Cubasis would rock even more if I didn’t have to reach up and block my view with my finger/hand when doing simple scrolling.

Hi @LSlowak,

Is there any update on this?


Hi @Luke_Ramljak,

Unfortunately we have no update about the topic.


Hi @LSlowak:

Just raising this issue up again. I’m using my Magic Keyboard a LOT especially when for editing when I’m not actively recording something. The latest updates are great, don’t get me wrong, but having support for something as fundamental as trackpad scrolling and various other gestures is really needed.


Hi @LSlowak. New user here and I have the exact same request as @TwilightSon. Please consider adding trackpad scrolling and gestures as well as common keyboard key commands. Thanks!