Scrolling on iPad is a mess

Scrolling on iPad with your fingers is really really bad. Probably the worst scrolling I used on an iPad app. Is there any chance of a fix coming??

Thanks for your feedback, Noah. There are some technical complications in the touch interaction of the score view in order to provide inertial scrolling. It is certainly something we want to revisit in future, yes.


is there any progress on fixing this issue? Sometimes it gets quite dizzying with the score bouncing up or down when I want just to move left to right. Sometimes there’s even strobing of the score.

No, as yet there is no progress in this area. We need to rework the way scrolling works in the score view from top to bottom, and as yet we haven’t made the time to do this significant rework.

SCROLL SUGGESTION: Would it be possible to employ the hand pointer? For example, in the 1980s Adobe first came out with this in their apps, where when the Cmd key was held down, the mouse pointer would change into a hand. Granted, that was a mouse solution, but might that be made to work by mouse, pencil, and fingers? If possible, it would completely separate the scroll action from any other on-screen action, as far as the app is concerned. Just a suggestion. (Yeah, I’m a computer dinosaur. Been around since IBM’s EBCDIC Code before ASCII.). I should add, Adobe also used that solution in the Windows version of their apps, but I don’t remember what key(s) they assigned it to.

Yes, something like this can be done with multi-touch gestures. In Procreate, the app distinguishes between two fingers dragging for scroll, pinching in or out for zoom, two finger tap for undo, and one finger for drawing, or smudging only when a stylus is connected.
A couple of other apps use a meta key, so one finger holds this and the other finger then has different functions.

I use Vectornator, not Procreate, but I use that same technique you described in Apple Maps and other apps. Who knows how easy or difficult that is to code in QT framework, but it would be cool to have in Dorico for iPad.