Scrolling problem

Trialing the demo plug in version within cubase 10. Plug in version: 6.0.10 build 192

Open audio file in spectral layers extension.

Zoom in on a section half way through a file

Wind cubase back to beginning using cubase transport (not spectral layers transport) and press play = spectral layers display doesn’t follow.

The cursor in the overview bar (in spectral layers) moves along and once it gets to the zoomed section then the display follows cubase.

Wind cubase forward to beyond the current zoomed in display, spectral layers display follows as expected.

Windows 7, Cubase 10.0.40

Hi, that’s by design, as some audio editors and DAWs work that way, but it could probably be customized in future updates.

Thanks Robin. Would be great if it could be included in the future :grinning: