Scrolling questions

Hello. I recently upgraded from WL9.5 to WL 10. I’m using a Kensington Slim Blade with the basic factory default scrolling settings on Windows 10.

For most any program or application, vertical scrolling works as intended. You just hover the mouse over the area you want to scroll, then vertical scroll. In WL10 for example, even file browser vertical scrolling works as intended.

However, when in the Montage with several tracks, vertical scrolling doesn’t work as I think it should. When I vertical scroll it horizontal scrolls. For consistency, shouldn’t the Montage tracks vertical scroll too? To vertically scroll in the Montage it’s sft+alt. Sft+vertical scroll increases/decreases wave height in both Montage and Wave Editor.

I haven’t checked prior versions of WL so maybe it’s always been this way?

In all versions of Cubase, sft+vertical scroll makes the tracks horizontal scroll which IMO has always been backwards, and yes they know it’s this way, but it has never changed. At least in both Wavelab and Cubase sft+ctr zooms in/out.

Any tips, shortcuts, or voodoo would be appreciated. Anything which adds consistency among all programs especially Wavelab and Cubase would help.

I don’t know about Kensington Slim Blade, but I guess you speak about mouse wheel equivalence?
You need to press Alt when scrolling with the mouse wheel.
WaveLab is not a DAW that is commonly used with many tracks. This is why the default is to zoom the waveform height.

Yes I’m referring to the mouse wheel equivalence.

In the past, my default Montage was 4 stereo tracks and 1 mono track. Now with WL10s addition of reference tracks, a few more. I agree the Montage is not commonly used with many tracks, but I’m now using more than in the past, and vertically scrolling more.

It’s just a bit frustrating with the scrolling inconsistencies going between Wavelab and Cubase.