Scrolling speed issues - help!

Hello all,

I have an issue that maybe one of you guys can help or share your experience if you have or had a similar issue. I’m on Cubase 10 Elements on a 2012 15” Macbook Pro, 16gb ram, 2 500gb ssds, running Mac OS Sierra.

If I’m in the main project window, and I have a bunch of MIDI tracks, if I click to highlight let’s say 3 or 4 tracks, then scroll the mouse to the left, the screen will move very fast to the left while continuing to highlight the selected tracks, no problem there.

Now, if I stop scrolling left, without letting go of the left mouse button, and now I start to scroll right, the screen won’t scroll to the right once the mouse has reached the right edge of the screen. If I want to highlight and scroll right, I have to let go of the left mouse button, reclick on the tracks again and now I can scroll right.

But now here’s another problem: scrolling right is probably less than 1/2 the speed of scrolling left!!! What the fu??

To make things worse, if I open up the midi editor on a track, the right scroll while highlighting goes SUPER SLOW, literally like crawling, while the left scroll while highlighting is super fast.

What gives? I already contacted Steinberg US tech support and I spoke with Adam, who is very knowledgable and has helped me many times in the past. He remoted in via TeamViewer to my Mac, and he didn’t have any issues. He could scroll quickly left, right, stop, etc all while highlighting no problems. He was using a mouse on his end, but he also tried his Macbook trackpad and again no issues. He was able to observe and document my scroll issues as I did it for him in real-time.

He suggested it could be my mouse or another hardware issue, but he doubts it’s my Macbook because he would have experienced the same issues as me. And yes, I have tried 2 other USB mouses and the same issue is still there.

Any thoughts guys? Thanks

Hi and welcome,

On the forum, there are some reports about a scrolling issues on Mac.

You said you have the same issue with multiple USB mice. Could you try another USB port? Is it USB 3 port? Could you try USB 2 port (or USB 2 Hub)? Could you try wireless mouse? Have you tried the integrated trackpad on your MB Pro?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply. Well, to answer your suggestions

  1. I have tried all the USB ports (there are only 2) and it’s only USB 2, as it’s a 2012 Macbook Pro
  2. I tried the trackpad
  3. I tried multiple USB mice, but not wireless mouse

However, as I mentioned when Adam from Steinberg US tech support logged in via Team Viewer to my computer, he didn’t have any scrolling issues at all. He used both an external mouse and the trackpad on his own Macbook and the scrolling speed was perfect.

So, any other suggestions? Thanks again.


I’m sorry, I have no idea…

There could be either a driver issue, or TeamViewer changed some timing, which made the issue “fixed”.

Hi Martin,

Yes, it really is a mystery to me too! And to add to the story, I just connected an external monitor to the Macbook, and when I put the main Cubase project and edit windows on the external monitor, I don’t have any scrolling issues and everything works fine!! What a weird issue right! So I just ended up putting the main project window on the external monitor, and I left the mixer console on the Macbook screen, which works fine. I am just still completely baffled by this strange bug, but oh well. Thanks for your reply!