Scrolling through a score

Good afternoon:

I’ve searched the forum and googled, but I can’t find a clear answer to the following:

  1. Can I scroll through a score note by note with keyboard commands ([ and ] in Sibelius) to aurally check whether notes are correct?
  2. If so, can I select staffs to play back, so I can focus on individual instruments? In Sibelius you can just select staffs and then only those will play back and you can scroll through them going back and forth etc.

The mixer is no good as I’m using NotePerformer, where instruments are grouped together. See screenshots of what the mixer looks like in Sibelius vs Dorico. There is no mute or solo button for individual instruments.


NotePerformer has its own mixer with mute and solo buttons for each channel.

Thanks Rob. Those mute and solo buttons don’t work, though, at least in Dorico. See the screengrab I posted above.

This is the latest version of NP which was just released.

That’s not the NotePerformer mixer, that’s the Dorico mixer. Go to Play mode and in the VST Instruments section of the right panel click the “e” to the left of NotePerformer.

This is illustrated on page 60 of the NotePerformer manual, incidentally.

If you select a group of notes on one or two staves and press P, only those staves that have notes selected will play back, and they will play back from the point where the first selected note is present.

If you want to step through a part note by note, Check you have “Preferences / Note Input and Editing / Play notes during note input and selection” ticked. You can then step along a staff note by note with the left and right arrow keys.

Another way to restrict playback to a single part is to go to the part layout, not the full score, but of course that means you can’t see the other parts at the same time.

Terrific, thanks!

Whenever I do that, Dorico crashes, and I have to manually terminate Dorico and the VST … (?) program. Frustrating, but selecting notes works for me.