scrolling through the properties panel

Because of the new scaling options the common part of the properties panel became much wider than before (see picture) - at least in the German version. Therefore I have to scroll inside the properties more often than before. I can scroll the score from left to right using the shift key and the wheel of my mouse. I would be very helpful, when I could scoll inside the properties in the same way, when I move the mouse pointer over the properties.

I’ll make a note of this and we’ll see if we can do this in future.

Dorico allows us to view the music panel using various, user-selected % sizes. Is there any chance that (down the road) the properties panel could also be resizable by the user in a similar way?

I would never say never, but I can’t imagine this being a high priority beyond the work that is necessary to ensure that Dorico responds to the different scale factors on Windows a bit more successfully than it does at the moment.

Most of the categories in properties panel have plenty of room at the bottom and some one or two options in a second column that could fit at the bottom of the first column. Collapsible category headers could also help reducing the need for scrolling a lot in the properties panel.