Scrolling values in Mixer

I like the new mixer, now I’m used to it, and being able to scroll worry-free is great but I miss being able to scroll values. I know there’s a new option so I can go back to the old way but how about a Ctrl-Wheel option so we get the best of both worlds?

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Yeah, I don’t believe there’s getting around the modifier anymore. In Cubase 13 there’s the new preference for vertical scrolling. If one wants, they can deactivate the preference and have the scroll-wheel stop controlling values in the racks/sections portion of the screen, be it in the mix console or the new Channel Tab, and scroll safely instead. (scroll vertically I mean, let’s not omit that)

But for the fader portion, the wheel still works. This is of no consequence for the Channel Tab, since there’s just one fader there and no other direction to scroll to, but for the mixconsole it’s the same deal as always. One has to avoid the faders and pans, or else they could change values without noticing - when scrolling horizontally. So, to resolve this, it’s either another preference for horizontal scrolling, or a modifier.

For me, there’s 4 options or user types:

A. Leave things as is. Put mouse in very specific positions, it scrolls. Put mouse in other very specific positions, it changes values.
B. Modifier, and a preference for what the default (modifier-less(?)) behavior should be. Scrolling? Or changing values?
C. Mouse-wheel does nothing other than scroll. No changing values, never.
D. No scrolling. Only changing values.

(There’s a poll in the making.)

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