scrolling with arrow keys is bad


Will this get improved in the next update. It*s really bad (politely expressed) when I try to navigate with the arrow keys in galley view between staves. I seldom get were I want and where I expect the selection to go. Sometimes Dorico even jumps to a totally different stave and place.
It’s really unusable at the moment.
So many things are really good in Dorico but this is not.



I wonder if you’d expand on this a little please?

How exactly is it bad (I find it works perfectly)?

Could it be some setting that others here could track down and help you fine tune?

There has been discussion here about arrow keys in Write mode: instead of going to every selectable object, the arrow keys would navigate only to notes; while in Engrave mode, the arrow keys could select slurs, ties, dynamics, etc. etc. While there are advantages to keeping the arrow keys consistent in all modes, I’m personally in favor of having Write mode select pitches (or at least making that an available choice for users).


Agreed; navigating slurred notes to hear them (in Write mode) does include the slur, which is unwanted.

So I’d welcome such an option, Yes.

I’m afraid it’s unlikely this will be addressed in the next update, but we have heard these complaints loud and clear.

Hardly. Slight suggestions, I’d say :slight_smile:

As one of the loudest complainers on this issue, thank you for listening.

Hi Mark

You can take a look at this thread too.

Thanks for the reply.