Scrolling with mouse.

I prefer to use the Selection tool to scroll the screen. But when I move to the right, the scroll is too slow, and when I move to the left it is too fast.
How can I adjust the speed to my liking?

Here’s the video.

Thank you!

Anyone know about this issue? Is it only possible for me to reproduce?

You’ll find that if you demaximize the window, now when you go outside the borders you can scroll at the speed you want.

The problem when scrolling to the right is that you hit the corner of the screen and therefore can’t make it scroll faster than that, which is unfortunate.

This is how it works when it has the space:

PS: Another plug, but Side by side docking of the Project & Lower Zone would also solve this. With the Right Zone inspector opened, there’s enough space both left and right of the editor to scroll.

Thank you for your kind reply.