Scrolling with the mouse wheel gone in Score Editor edit mode


I’m writing here after spending hours looking for a fix.
I use the score editor extensively but I can’t scroll the score using the mouse wheel in Cubase 11 on Windows, be it vertically or horizontally holding Shift.
I know I can hover the horizontal or the vertical scroll bar and then use the mouse wheel to scroll, but honestly, it’s a pain.

In former versions of Cubase (Cuabse 9) I could at least scroll vertically using the mouse wheel.
I have made sure that “Use mousewheel to transpose notes” is disabled in the Preferences, so the mouse wheel can’t be captured by something else.

Am I missing something, or is this really a bug? The score editor has received wonderful improvements with Cubase 11, but the scrolling issue makes it barely usable.

Thank you very much for your help and advice!

Assuming that you work in Edit Mode, yes, this seems to be a bug since v10.5.
I will report it to Steinberg.

Meanwhile, I would suggest that you use, if your mouse permits, the scroll wheel click. :wink:

And, welcome.

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Thank you for your prompt reply, I do work in Edit Mode :slight_smile:
Thank you also for reporting it to Steinberg, I hope it can be fixed!

Have a nice day!

In my Cubase 11 the mouse wheel click feature does not work, in none of the windows.
Not even the symbol is showing up.
Newest driver is installed.
In other applications its working fine.

Hello there

Sorry to bring up an old thread.
But I’ve just moved to Cubase 11 from 9, and the first thing I notice is that I can not scroll vertically within the score editor with the mousewheel.
I work within a full score layout and I need to be able to navigate quickly within this multitude of staves.
I see here that the issue was raised last winter, is there any chance that by now it is possible to scroll in score editor with the mouse wheel?

Thanks very much

Hi jamieboo,
I am still with Cubase 11.
No change, it doesn’t work.

It would be fine, if anybody who uses Cubase 12 could tell us whethter it’s working there?


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Scroll wheel and mouse scroll wheel click (middle click) are not working in Cubase Pro 12 here…

Edit: In Edit mode only. It works in Page mode.

Note that this function is also known as Middle-Click. That’s working for me in 11 and 12.

fyi, The scroll wheel does operate when the hovering over the scroll bars of the window. (though I know this is not a fix)

Thanks so much for the replies folks.

Oh, this is such a little thing, but it would have too much impact on my workflow. I’ll have to stay on Cubase 9.


Hallo steve,
that means, that Steinberg was even not able to fix it in the new version of cubase 12!!!
Do they not understand, how this missing feature hinders the workflow?

Hello again

So since 11 is a no go for me because of this one simple thing, I’m wondering which is the latest version of Cubase that does allow vertical mousewheel scrolling in the Score Editor?
I’m back to using 9 at the moment, but if I can I should probably move to the most recent version that does work for my workflow.
So… How is version 9.5? 10? 10.5?

Let me know what you think folks?


Hello there

I recently tried upgrading to Cubase 11 from version 9, but found it unusable because of a frustratingly simple thing:
I spend most of my time in the Cubase Score Editor making orchestral music. And it seems that version 11 (and possibly other recent versions of Cubase) have a bug which means you can’t use mousewheel to vertically scroll in Score Editor. I need to be able to zip about quickly in a full-score layout and without my mousewheel able to easily accomplish that, it just doesn’t work for me. So frustrating. So I went back to Cubase 9.
The earlier thread had some official comments where it was acknowledged that this was a bug - but it obviously hasn’t been resolved.
The thing is I don’t know with what version of Cubase this bug first appeared.
I want to update to the most recent version of Cubase that retains this mousewheel vertical scroll functionality. So, what version would that be?
How’s 9.5? 10? 10.5?


Confirmed here, in Edit mode in C12 vertical mouse wheel scrolling doesn’t work. In Cubase 9 it does work in Edit Mode.

Can you post link to the topic?

Thanks Steve

Here’s the earlier thread…
Cubase 11 - Scrolling with the mousewheel in Score Editor (Windows) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Surely this is such an easy thing to fix!

So, is the version I’m using now - Cubase 9 - the latest version to retain this functionality?


Thus I suppose Cubase Pro 10 was where it last worked. Have you tried the middle-click or mouse-over-scrollbar workarounds?

Hello Steve
Yes, I’ve tried the workarounds.
The middle-click drag thing is just weirdly cumbersome, and the mouse-over-scrollbar thing almost helps but it’s just an extra step that just makes such a simple thing rather clunky.
Since my license allows me to use any version up to 11, I might give 10 a go if it retains this functionality. Is 10 notably better than 9/9.5?

Yeah, I agree, actually. My scores are generally for small ensembles, and, I have a vertical 1200x1920 display for sheet music, so I don’t have to deal with the problem very often.

Let’s see if we can’t re-report it, or re-re-report it, :wink: if needed, to get the feature back.

I don’t remember how much better 10 was than 9, but I’m sure it’s better. C12 is way better, imo, and many slick new features have been added to the Score editor since Cubase 10.

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That would be great if you could 3xRe-port it :slight_smile: - and even greater if that could prompt a return of this functionality.
I know nothing about anything but I daresay allowing for mousewheel scrolling surely isn’t a hugely difficult thing to implement.
I guess it’s not likely to reappear in Cubase 11 as that’s probably not being developed anymore., right? It’s a shame because I bought my licence upgrade to 11 and no later. But if this simple functionality was returned to 12 then that would probably be sufficient to prompt me to upgrade!
But yeah, it would be great if you could report it!

Thank you!