Scrub Fast Forward

I feel bad even asking this question after 16 years but I never use this sort of thing.

I coulda -sworn- that there used to be a ‘virtual jog wheel’ or other way to ‘fast forward’ through an audio clip. But I can’t seem to figure it out.

I can hit the ‘Play’ icon and it does ‘fast forward’ but I don’t -hear- the sound at double speed as I expect. It goes silent and jumps ahead a few bars, then starts again, then jumps, then plays, etc.

What am I missing?



there are assignable key-commands called (trying to translate from german) “shuttle playback 1x/2x/3x/4x”.
There was a “Jog wheel” at the transport panel, I thing they left it out from C8 on. (I went from C6 to C8, can’t tell exactly, Jog wheel was there in C6)



I -knew- there used to be a wheelie thing!

I always wonder why SB just removes stuff like that. I almost never use it, but if it wasn’t for the visual cue (the wheel) I wouldn’t even know the feature existed. Not documented properly at ALL in the PDF.

It’s also kinda disappointing that the job -only- works on audio. I thought it might simply play the -entire- CPR back at double speed.

Oh well. It does what I need.



I don’t know whether its the default but Ctrl-KeypadPlus and Ctrl-KeypadMinus do this for me (i.e. the normal forward and rewind buttons with Ctrl key, doing Shuttle Play 4x). Very useful, if a little bit slow to get going. I never used the jog wheel either!


I use that all the time. But the audio doesn’t sound.

However, when I assigned another key to the ‘2x’ command, it does what I expected — the audio races @ twice speed.

Just found this thread, thanks! Pretty dumb that they removed the jog wheel. It was really useful for editing ADR, etc. At least there’s still a way to do it, but they sure don’t want you to know about it!