Scrub in 64bit mode

Can anyone confirm that scrubbing works fine when using Cubase in 64bit mode?
For me this doesn’t work - the timeline cursor gets stuck and plays/loops a short sample, but I can’t move it left or right. When starting up Cubase in 32bit mode, scrubbing works fine again.


The same here. I think it wasn’t a problem at Cubase version 6.5.0. Which version do you have?

… I’m working on 6.5.3 - I never had problems with Cubase so far, they just started with the 6.5 version.
Cubase is also very unstable, freezing almost every second time I close a session or when I quit the application.
Unfortunately nobody from Steinberg seems to take this serious - I’m not the only one having these problems, but there’s no help and support so far. Maybe on of the next updates will fix this, but I doubt…

Hi tcgass,

we are aware of a problem with scrubbing on 64 bit mac and we are working on a fix.


Hi Bodo,

That’s good news, thank you for sharing and working on the matter! Is there any help in sight regarding the crashes, too? I use Cubase professionally every day and am really looking forward to a stable system as soon as possible.

Thanks for your support,


Hi Thomas,

crashes are most often related to Third Party plugins. Please try to identify if a/which plugin is related and get in touch with our support or the plugin vendor support.