Scrub in the montage?

How am I missing this? According to what I could find in the manual (an index entry for “scrub” needs to be added!) the 2 ways of doing it only work in the Audio File Workspace…


No problem here. What happens at your place?

Uh, I can’t figure out how to do it. Is there a manual page I’m missing? I see info on scrubbing in the Audio File Workspace, but of course this would need to be done in the Montage, too…


It is exactly in the same way as for audio files.

Hmm…I’m looking at p.129 of the manual and it only references the Audio File workspace. In the Montage, I tried holding option and scrubbing the waveform, and also tried scrubbing the ruler and it doesn’t seem to be the right function…

Have you activated the scrub option in the montage workspace transport bar? If yes, do you see the purple horizontal, as in the audio file workspace?

Ah, OK, now I think I found it! Either I’m way-off or this is pretty confusing:

  1. I didn’t even think about looking-up “jog & shuttle” (my fault); In the manual, it does refer to it sometimes as scrubbing, with no mention of jog & shuttle.

  2. The manual addresses how to do this in the Audio File workspace, no mention of the montage. Since there is no play tool in the montage, it starts to look like a dead-end.

  3. I says use the play tool OR option. This does not work in the montage, and does really scrub in Audio File either- It looks like it should when using it, but if I’m correct it only plays fwd at one speed.

  4. Maybe it’s possible, but it’d be really nice in either space (esp. the montage) to just be able to hold down 1 key and scrub, since this is a pretty primary editing function. Seems like it’s at least 2 to get in the mode and do it, and another 1 to get out?

Sorry, WL has SO much stuff that I’m still feeling it all out, and probably still missing something here. But always looking for the easy stuff to be easy and on-the-surface.


Just one button to click, to enter the mode.