Scrub playback doesn't play back all notes


Scrub Playback doesn’t play all notes backwards. I attached the project. If you scrub from bar 15 to 16, you can hear all notes, but if you scrub backwards from bar 16 to bar 15, you clearly hear, that the bass note E is missing. It’s not a “it’s-missing-in-a-tiny-spot-thing” - the bass note isn’t auditioning at all.

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God_be_in_my_head-02.dorico (1.2 MB)

This is a tricky one to solve. The issue concerns how we ensure that the two abutting notes of the same pitch end up with their note off and note on messages in the right order in all circumstances. It’s on my radar as something to improve when possible.

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@dspreadbury I still have D4. On opening the above Dorico file (out of musical curiosity) I got a message saying certain features couldn’t be applied cause it was made in D5, then on clicking ok got the wheel. Then I did “Force quit” Dorico and was not able to relaunch it anymore (each time I tried Dorico was hanging on opening). Had to restart my computer to be able to open D4 again.

If a crash report could be of use please let me know how to produce it and who to send it to.

Thanks, Daniel.

I just want to express my gratitude to get help on this forum on the most obscure times (Whit Sunday at midnight???).

I don’t know any other forum or institution with that level of support, and we all shouldn’t take that for granted :slightly_smiling_face:


It sounds like the audio engine crashed: that’s normally the reason why you end up with Dorico hanging when you try to start it up again. If you run into that problem in future, run Activity Monitor and make sure that both the Dorico and VST Audio Engine processes have been quit or ended before you try to run Dorico again. That will avoid you needing to restart your computer.

Thanks Daniel will try next time.