Scrub-Playback (Tutti) and Scrub-Playback (Solo)

Dear all!

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong:

In scrub playback (Tutti) [Ctrl + Space] is set/fixed and I can follow the notes with the arrow keys right/left/ mouse! This is excellent!

But if I now want to listen to Scrub-Playback (Solo with only 1 single voice) [Ctrl + Shift + Space], then the function is only temporarily switched on and disappears when I release [Ctrl + Shift + Space]… Is there a way that also [Ctrl + Shift + Space] is also FIXED and I can follow the single notes with the arrow keys right/left or the mouse?

Thanks for your answers and best regards

There’s an issue with the way this works on Windows, though it works as expected on macOS. Try activating scrub playback using the toolbar button: you can then hold Shift to solo and release it to play tutti. It’s not quite as convenient as using Ctrl+Space, but you could also consider assigning a key command to Toggle Scrub Playback, which does the same as clicking the toolbar button.

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