Scrub Playback w/ Iconica Sketch Noteperformer


I have recently plugged in a couple instruments from Iconica Sketch + the new Noteperformer template. I am enjoying it all a lot and think, even with the strings being section players (should be solo strings in my project), they sound better than base NP4 sounds.

I am noticing that scrub playback sounds only come out staccato for the instruments I am loading in the NP template. I normally like NPs sustain scrub playback so I can hear the pitch material I am highlighting. Now, I cannot use this in my workflow if I want to keep Iconica activated all the time. Any thoughts on what to do?

Although you can only get staccato sounds from the NPPE, you can choose to have NotePerformer baseline sounds for live input and scrub. You will hear the playback engine during playback.

It’s the flag “Use NotePerformer sounds for MIDI keyboard input” in the settings menu.