Scrub playback when at the right edge of the window - possible to add scrolling?


I have a suggestion for the scrub playback feature. If I’m using it and I get to the edge of the window, it would be useful if the music could scroll to the next bar automatically as you scrub. I’ve noticed that when scrubbing, Dorico already plays music that is off-screen, so it would be useful to see the off-screen chords come into view as you scrub past the right edge of the currently viewable score area.

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The trouble with trying to scroll the score while you’re scrubbing is that unless Dorico can somehow manage to scroll at exactly the same speed that you’ve hitherto been moving the mouse, it’s likely that Dorico will end up playing either the wrong thing, or the right thing but at the wrong speed. It’s not something we’re planning to tackle at the moment.

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So, I suppose in that case that using the arrow keys would be my best option, while manually scrolling using the scroll bar? Would that be workable?

Yes, I think when using the arrow keys it’s a bit different, and we could potentially automatically bring more music into view if you navigate out of the visible area. But for now, certainly you should find that using the arrow keys and e.g. using Home/End to navigate the music works well enough.

I can definitely see your point about how bringing music into view could potentially be an issue.

I’ll experiment with the arrow keys and Home/End, then. Maybe it would eventually be possible to bring one bar at a time into view when scrubbing out of the visible area using the arrow keys, or maybe re-center the view on the current bar (or trigger a Home/End keypress) when the playhead goes out of view when scrubbing - similar to what happens when normal playback is running?

Mouse scrub could still be used for “one-screen only” scrub playback, but I do think scrubbing using the arrow keys is potentially far more flexible.

Thanks for the tips, and your time, Daniel. Much appreciated!