Scrubbing all MIDI commands other than pitch/duration

I’m using Dorico Pro 5 to transcribe and arrange a Baroque piece from a MIDI performance I found on IMSLP. I’ve got all the notes transcribed, but I’m noticing quite a few things that come through in playback that aren’t visible in the score–some notes are unexpectedly staccato, some don’t sound at all, etc. I think there are some MIDI parameters held over from the original file that are affecting playback, and I’m wondering if there’s a way I can automatically scrub all of that and start with a fresh slate, so that the only MIDI commands left in playback are those for pitch and duration. I can accomplish this by manually re-inputting every note, but for obvious reasons, I don’t want to spend my time doing that. Anyone have any thoughts?

I find it easiest to do that in a sequencer/DAW. There are free ones, but, if you are not familiar with them, it might take a few minutes to figure out the commands you need. In Cakewalk, you can just select all, filter to exclude everything except notes, cut/delete, and resave.

If someone else doesn’t offer a better solution, you can send me the file and I will do it.

If IMSLP had an XML download option, that would be something worth checking out as it might save you some work.

Probably all you need to do is select all the notes in the project, then choose Play > Reset Playback Overrides.