scuffham or TH3 wiht c9?

Hi All

I bought both of these switching to all ITB. I have an imac quad i7 3.4 and 32 gigs ram. i also have a new apollo mkii interface.

For the life of me i cannot get these to sound good, very staticy, or without latency even at 64 buffer

I insert ont he first insert of a stereo track, and then have been told by scuffham i need to hit the monitor button (yuck), without it there is no sound, with it its very delayed and echoy as anything is with that button.

I have used omnisphere, RMX, and alot of other VST’s without the need for the monitor button

my question is, is anyone using these in cubase without issue and sounding great? if so what and how are you set up? can you walk me thru from inserting the plug on the track, first insert what you do with the plug? or cubase? and shoudl 64 buffers be ok? and do i have to use the monitor button?

thanks much, would love to get these working

i am on 10.11

First you need to turn down the direct monitor for this channel in the Apollo…consult the manual or google it.
This should get rid of the echo when you turn on monitor.

For the latency maybe the issue is caused by other plugins…have you tried in an empty project?

64 samples should give a workable latency so probably you’re adding latency with something else.
If you have a busy project this could also be why you are getting static-cy noise which sounds like ASIO overload.