Scuzzo`s Groove

Hi there ,here`s a jam I did over a backing track a guy called scuzzo from the harmony central guitar forum made just over a year ago , the two regular guitar sounds were direct through a blackstar ht dual tube pedal and the slide guitar was miced up through a marshall jcm 2000 tsl ,done on a strat wired up the same as a jimi page les paul with 2 humbuckers out of phase and the middle pickup disconnected. :confused: ta

Great instrumental, enjoyed it tons…how did you achieve the solo guitar sound in the fist 50 secs of the piece? currently looking for an outboard guitar processor thingy and would love some advice from somebody who clearly knows what he’s doin with an axe…Kevin

cheers Kevin,the first 50 secs sound was the Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100 Watt head through a 1x12 cab i rigged up for my little studio .miked with an sm58 i use that mic for everything,except a full drum kit, lol . You should defo try some sort of guitar amp ,it doesnt have to be anything too expensive ,even those little amps you get free with guitars can sound good sometimes , but the idea of miking an amp is to capture the air been pushed by the amp and obviously the sound of the amp ,which cant be achieved when you go direct which is a more scratchy close sound, but can also have it`s own merits , but miking an amp is a definite flavor every one should try when recording .oh and i forgot to mention the bottle neck.
another thing i forgot to mention was ,if you do only use an fx processor to go directly in, you should always make sure the speaker simulator is on other wise you will end up having too many fizzy high frequencies from the guitar.

thanks for that info…particularly the bit about the speaker simulation, that’s probably the reason I’ve had trouble with ITB stuff, I’ll be looking in to that pronto…not in the position to do any cab stuff…aint got one…maybe I should get one eh !!!, cheers, Kevin

Groovy groovy drums and perc, it’s captivating. The guitar pieces I enjoy but what I don’t enjoy is you staying in one key through the whole song! You have SO much potential with this, just through in some key, no many, key changes please and it will become a great piece. This sounds like you were just building variations on one key and it will become a masterpiece if you change keys. Michael

The drum groove instantly pulled my attention into listening. The guitar technique is good, pleasing to listen to and the phrasing is also nice. the tone was nice too, although in terms of mixing I’d have liked either the sustained pad sound to not crescendo or the guitar volume to be mixed higher with it as the guitar gets buried by it. The track lost my attention at 1:18 though. I was really expecting and hoping for the chord to change. I don’t think it necessarily needs key changes but to keep attention it most definitely needs a nice chord change at 1:18. Even just 4 simple chords would be way better. But as you said, it wasn’t you that created the backing track so not much you can do. Good stuff and cool groove.

Thanks for the listen and comments, , I suppose jams are an acquired taste ,my girlfriend hates jam sessions when it turns into an half hour of noodles in the same key ,I grew up doing this sort of thing ,it was like a ritual before a rehearsal with some of the bands. Luckily I have the tempo of this track locked into cubase so I could maybe turn it into something a bit more listenable , thanks