SDA/Licensing error

Thanks for and congratulations on Dorico Pro 4!

There must be a simple fix to this error, whereby I get a message that my DAC (direct from Steinberg and redacted in this grab) is in use elsewhere:

Same thing when I try this.

I suspect that this is because my Dorico 3.5 license has been held - like all previous ones - on the hard eLicenser.

So how to ‘transfer’ (?) it? The instructions on the second of three popovers for the ‘step-by-step guide’ on this page fail… no ‘Activate’ link or button etc.


Is this the first computer on which you’re installing the update? Did you purchase the update from the Steinberg online store, or is this a free grace period update?

Hi Daniel!

It is, Yes… iMac Pro running macOS 12.1

SDA version 1.31.1
eLicenser version
Steinberg Activation Manager version… which also shows me as having no licenses.

NFR from Stefan.

(Everyone’s understandably so busy; am trying to troubleshoot myself. So Thanks!)

Then I’m afraid it is most likely as the error message says, i.e. that Stefan has accidentally sent the same Download Access Code to two people, and the other person to whom he sent this one managed to use it first :slight_smile:

Please email Stefan and I’m sure he’ll get back to you as soon as he can, though probably not until Monday.

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Of course, Daniel. Done. No prob :slight_smile:

Usual excellent service from the Steinberg team.

What you say - and the fact that it’s all working perfectly now - confirms that this is not some sort of arcane bug associated with the presumably complex transition to Steinberg Licensing.