SDA - the title bar say [DOWNLOAD ASSISTANT] but the buttons/actions say [install]

SDA - downloading (ONLY) content and software entitlements .
I only want to [Download] the contents (from one particular machine), and then install on my other machine that is not on a network.
The application is called “Steinberg Download Assistant” and yet all the actions on the right hand side of the application say [install]

They used to say [download] last time I used the product.

How do I really make this a DOWNLOAD-ASSISTANT and not an install-assistant ???

everyone’s trying to be something their not claiming to be these days

The buttons say “Install” because the files are downloaded to the folder set in its settings (gear icon), and are ready to be installed.

To make sure it behaves only as a download assistant, whatever you do, don’t press that button! :ghost:

thanks for the reply…
The application should be smart enough to :
a) say [Download] if the content in not in the folder location.
b) change and say [Install] if is in the location

For me, it just says [Install] and it actually go thru the ‘motions’ of both download+install.
… anyway, I’m ranting, there’s an easier fix, SB should rename the application to “SIA”

I’m sorry, did you read what I said?